Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Viral Marketing Etiquette

Messages will only go viral if others like what they are saying. And in order to appeal to others, you will have to follow these simple rules of viral marketing etiquette.

#1. Don't neglect your audience. Viral marketing is only effective if it is managed properly, and to manage it properly takes time and effort. Daily time and effort. Viral marketing is not like an advertising campaign of old where 10 decision makers sit in a room, decide on a tagline and apply their message to branding across the board. Instead, viral marketing requires daily updates, changes and a constant shift in approach. If you don't maintain your efforts, you will not only go viral, but you will quickly lose favor among current and potential customers.

#2. Don't overdo it. While some make the mistake of neglecting their viral marketing efforts, others feel the need to make updates on a minute-to-minute basis. This approach is just as bad, if not arguably worse. Nobody likes SPAM. It's become an ugly four-letter word, and the last thing you want for you or your business is to ever be associated with it. So, don't inundate your followers, friends and connections. Instead, make updates and send out messages as often as necessary. Daily, sometimes twice a day is often enough to get the message across and do so effectively.

#3. Don't be exclusive. In other words, don't only communicate with those within your current circle. Broaden your horizons and connect with others (who might also be potential customers) by responding to their posts, sharing their information and participating in other viral marketing campaigns. If you like something you see, send it along! Pay it forward, if you will. If you do, others will recognize your willingness to be a team player rather than see you as a self-serving SPAMmer whose only interest is to plaster the web with sales copy and more of the same.

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