Thursday, March 21, 2013

Etiquette For Giving Business Thank-You Gifts

Giving gifts has been a customary practice when thanking a boss or colleague for providing a good professional assistance, or want to show gratitude towards employees for a job well done. However, it is not just picking anything that is available on the shelf, for it is always best to follow etiquette when giving thank you gifts to a business associate. Below are the courtesies that will help you come up with appropriate thank you gifts. These ways will let your recipient know that you are sincere and appreciative, and you want to strengthen the positive reputation in the workplace.

Budget Limit

If your company has rules and regulations on giving gifts within the workplace, particularly on the price limit, make sure you know it and follow it. That way, you will avoid awkwardness of sending too expensive present that may create questionable impression to your recipient, as well as to colleagues who seen the token. Make sure to confirm it with the Human Resource of your company before listing down possible gifts you will going to purchase.

Making Impression

Present a gifts to your colleague that is classy but not extravagant. It would be much appreciated if it accurately reflects his/her personality and your company itself. This way, you can make a good impression to you recipient, making him/her value your gift for years to come. It is possible to send a high caliber present even if you are sticking to a price limit. For a recipient who do not work for your company, come up with a thank you gift that shows your company's name and logo as a way to reflect a personal expression of thanks.

Be on Time

As much as possible, be timely on thanking your colleague after helping you to complete a hard task. If it's possible for you to buy an appropriate present immediately, then do it. That way, it would be fresh to your recipient's mind a good collaboration between you and him that has just happened, and you've made it quick to thank him and make him feel valued and appreciated after helping you out. The giving can be a day or two after he helped you.

Loyal Employees

For a longtime assistant, receptionist or other loyal employee who has been working in your company for a long time, ideal gifts for them include a gift basket, bouquet of flowers, or other more personal items. You can even purchase her a ticket to a concert or theater. Spa gift certificate is also a valid gift for her, which she can enjoy a relaxing and pampering day at a nice spa during on her day off.

Thank You Notes

Don't forget to add a thank you note to your present. On the card, write a message of thanks to let your recipient know how great you are having him/her as a part of your company, and for working hard to meet the standard your workplace requires. It would be more personal if you hand write your message on the card.

Thank you gifts and other business gifts are available to purchase online. You may want to consider shopping online than shopping at a local gift store, as it is easier and has a much wider selections to choose from. There are thousands of online stores that offer promotional, executive, thank you, and retirement gifts at a wide range of prices.

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