Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Business Communication Etiquette - Highly Effective Business Etiquette Tips

Business etiquette is the foundation of a successful business leader. How you represent yourself in a business situation is a key factor in becoming a success in the business world. As a business leader, appropriate business etiquette will be the basis of how people will respond to you. Your business etiquette is that "first impression" people will remember and will set the stage of how you will be viewed in a business setting.

Being a business leader, your business relationships are the key to your success. Whether you are preparing for an important business meeting or you are simply trying to convey information to your employees, your business etiquette will set the tone for the meeting. If that business meeting is to determine your future with a particular company, your business etiquette will reflect how you will represent that company. If you are the business leader in a company, proper business etiquette is essential to gain the trust and respect of your employees.

Four highly effective business etiquette tips:

1. Firm handshake - This is a simple, yet highly powerful business etiquette tip. This is the beginning of that "first impression". A firm handshake will portray confidence and respect, while also showing compassion and sincerity. It is amazing the power a solid handshake has in a business situation, as well as in life. Although you want a firm handshake, you do not want an aggressive one. One that is too hard could be mistaken as dominance and control.

2. Listen - Truly listen to what the other person has to say. Do not just hear what the person is saying. You would not think listening would be difficult, but to truly listen to what a person is trying to convey can be the most difficult thing to do in business etiquette. It takes complete concentration on the person speaking. It seems that many business professionals are always multi-tasking. You have to physically sit down, look into the other person's eyes and tell yourself to really pay attention. Why? Many times your mind is racing with all kinds of information making it is difficult to "listen" to what that person is saying.

3. Speaking - While your handshake sets off that first impression, the tone of your voice sets the tone of the entire meeting. It is important to speak in a calm and even voice. Never interrupt a person who is speaking. Always wait until the person is completely done talking before you begin speaking, no matter how strongly you feel about a particular subject.

4. Give space - It is very important to give a person their space. Respect that "comfort zone". Generally a person's comfort zone is approximately 3 feet around a person's body. Do not stand too close and try to avoid touching. The only time you should touch a person is with a handshake. Follow these simple, yet highly powerful tips, and you will be on the road to becoming a successful business leader.

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