Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Use Professional Etiquette to Show Respect to Your Clients

The basis of Etiquette is to show respect both to yourself and to others. And that is what clients respond to best to enable them build trust in a professional person or a brand.

As a professional business owner and an entrepreneur, you have to recognize that your credibility with regards to your clients depends on you giving them their due respect in line with what they expect of you.

Below are some ways you can use professional etiquette to show respect to your clients:

1.Allow your clients and potential clients to enjoy their personal space. Do not be too pushy in selling. Avoiding such acts is your way of showing them respect for them to gradually start to like, know and trust you.
2.As much as possible give each clients individual treatments and let each of them feel special. The more you are able to communicate that respect and attention to individuality to your clients, the easier it will be for you to succeed in your business.
3.Respond promptly to their requests. Do not take too long in answering a query and when you promise to deliver at a set time, keep to your words.
4.Be consistent and congruent in your actions. Avoid inconsistency in anyway possible.
5.Use appropriate and polite language and avoid any profanity, jargons and slangs in any situation as a professional. It simply does not show respect to the client and also does not speak well of you.

As you may have been told over and over again in how to market effectively to clients, people only buy based on emotions.

Therefore what that means to you as a professional business owner and an entrepreneur is that you need to know the thoughts, feelings and emotions of your clients and/or potential clients.

Your ability to show respect to your clients and target market does not just mean saying please, thank you and sorry but it also extends to your overall ways of doing things in your business both offline and online.

In other words, do you personally take the conscious effort to show respect through all that you do and say?

To give an example, one new phenomenon in business environments now when it comes to marketing is the fact that as an entrepreneur you need to be authentic.

True and viable as it is, just like any marketing strategy, many business owners are now misinterpreting the word and the idea behind this and unfortunately, showing that authentic side of them that is more damaging to their business instead of building it.

In simply showing respect to your clients and target market, you do not only earn back their respect but also their trust which is the number one essential for any professional business in today's economy.

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