Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good Manners in Business

Business etiquette never goes out of fashion. It is not a strategy but a fundamental rule on which your business should be based. Good manners reflect your upbringing and character. As in the other walks of life good manners are essential for any business. Your rudeness could prevent you from clinching that order you desperately want. Good manners include your grooming, politeness and the way you conduct yourself. Your cultivation of good manners will make you to approach people with greater confidence.
As you would never know when you would meet a potential client, be prepared always. Neatly combed hair, good tidy dress and a good pair of shoes are a must. Unkempt hair and dirty shoes signify carelessness. Good manners, civility and politeness are an integral part of any business. Most people are prepared to take their business elsewhere if they are treated badly.
You should always create a good first impression on the person you are meeting. As it is said first impression is the best impression. The tone of your voice, grooming and your behavior should attract the customer. Always know the name of the person you are meeting and use it several times in your conversation. This shows you are paying close attention to the other person.
You should always exhibit a pleasant, positive attitude towards your employees. You should encourage and appreciate the good work done by your employees. Any discouraging and sarcastic remark towards the employee or customer should be avoided. The employees must be made to feel that they are valued by the company. As and when any conflict arises, be at hand to resolve them in a fair manner. No favoritism should be shown towards anyone. Your attitude should be such that it has to earn respect from everyone. Your employees should be encouraged to air their ideas, opinions and suggestions.

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