Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bingo Etiquette

Etiquettes make a person richer than anyone else. The previous statement is applicable in the bingo halls. What bingo etiquettes mean is the conduct you might always want to hold in any bingo hall no matter if it's in a live mode or online mode. This gives you an advantage over you fellow players as it shows you differently. The following bingo tips help you maintain a more appropriate etiquette while playing the game.

Pipe Down

Silence has its own virtue and hence you should always pipe down at the very moment the caller is about to start the game.

Watch out for lucky seats

Always make sure that you don't grab someone's luck seat and if you ever do so and you are requested to move you must make sure that you get along with the request.

Don't be a parrot

Some players have a habit of repeating the numbers as soon as the caller calls them. As they think they might be able to concentrate more with this practice but at the same time it might be very disturbing for the fellow players. Hence always try and avoid making any sort of extra noises.

Keep kids quiet

Many a time kids accompany elder ones in the bingo halls. People may offer you there understanding but only until the kids don't create a problem for them to concentrate. Hence bring with yourselves some games to keep the children busy even though sometimes the bingo halls themselves offer you some fun bingo cards for the kids.

Don't take out your frustrations on the caller

Never take out your frustrations, which may arise due to losing the game in a continuous stretch, on the caller. If there is a problem with the caller like he is going too fast or calling the numbers too softly, you may ask the caller to correct himself. For any other problem you contact the bingo manager.

Think before you call bingo

Never call a false bingo and check twice when you think you are done with the pattern. This might make other players disappointed with you.

Only smoke in the designated areas

Some people think that smoking helps them think better but one should keep in mind that there may be others who may not welcome this smoking act. Hence one should maintain his bingo etiquette and smoke only in the designated areas.

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