Saturday, March 9, 2013

Twitter Business Etiquette

One of the fastest-spreading and influential marketing tools currently used in the online world is Twitter - and for good reason. The 140 character limit allows people to almost effortlessly connect with millions of other people, and the sharing of thoughts has never been easier. Best of all for you, it has also never been easier to share information about your business, thereby using Twitter to make money and generate web traffic.

Approach Twitter Like a Business Proposal

However, that doesn't mean that you should leap into the Twitter pool with guns blazing and caution thrown to the wind. Rather, you should approach it with the same caution and care that went into crafting your business in the first place. That's because Twitter is just another element of marketing your brand, and the impression you leave on people will remain with them should they see your business or website again.

Twitter Business Key Lessons

The most important lesson for people using Twitter for business to learn before their first tweet is that Twitter is not built for spam. Simply put, for every promotional message for your brand that you put on Twitter, you should be tweeting two or three non-promo tweets. These can be just about anything, and they can still be about your business - just not necessarily trying to sell it. Part of your Internet marketing strategy should revolve around using Twitter in a fashion that its users will enjoy.

Another key lesson is that you should only try to market your brand to those you have a reason to believe would be interested in it. This means that if you're marketing a death metal website, you probably don't want to be following geriatrics that proudly list polka and jazz on their profiles. Rather, take the time to carefully determine who you're following, and your results will more than pay for your attention and care.

Ultimately, all Twitter business etiquette comes down to respect. The easiest way to think of how to respect the other users of Twitter is to simply avoid posting anything or broadcasting in ways that you personally wouldn't want done to you.

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