Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Party Etiquette Tips

Nowadays, you have to take part in different kinds of parties, such as birthday parties, wedding parties, cocktail parties, festival parties, and so on. Did you pay more attention to the party etiquette? Not sure how to dress when the party invitation said "Casual Elegant?" Baffled about giving a toast? Not sure which fork to use first? There are some etiquette tips you need to be the perfect party guest at your next dinner party, formal affair or fabulous event.

When an invitation is sent, it is very impolite to ignore it. It is polite to reply the host if you would take part in the party as soon as possible. And it is also important to tell that whether your family would come or not if they were invited. It is very import to dress correctly according to the type of the party. There may be some information to inform you how to dress on the invitation. You should check it carefully. If not, you may decide how to dress according to the type of the party.

Not sure how to dress when the party invitation said "Casual Elegant"? It means be comfortable and relaxed while still looking put together. Dress nicer than usual for the office, and bring a few things for a quick change on your way to the party.

What does the dress code "festival" mean? Do not think that you should dress up like a deer or a Santa Clause for Christmas party. Festive attire is actually something between business attire and cocktail attire. You may dress up your work attire after leaving the office, or dress down your usual cocktail clothing by donning something more casual or covered up. What does "informal" mean? This is a tricky one, because informal does not mean casual. It's actually closer to "semi-formal." Think of this as a less-stuffy "formal" affair.

Here's a guide for what to bring to help your host out. Don't upstage the host: If you'd like to bring food or drink, call ahead to ask what the host is serving. Then, bring something small to complement it. The larger and more elaborate the event (and the harder the host has worked), the nicer your gift should be. If it is a just common party, you may prepare some small gift. Just like an exquisite iPhone case if the host is the fans of iPhone. Always attach a note, or indicate on a tag that the gift is from. Don't let your gift remain anonymous!

When to arrive is also very important. Proper party etiquette dictates that you should never arrive early, unless the host has specifically asked you to do so. Otherwise, you could end up being a hindrance instead of a help. For formal events, guests should arrive within fifteen minutes of the time listed on the invitation. For informal events, guests can arrive up to thirty minutes after the party officially begins.

It is polite to bring some personal materials to go to the party. The personal materials include business cards, resumes and addresses. If you are trying to make connections, spread your cards around.

Make sure always to drink from a glass, and never from a glass bottle or can. Wine glasses should be held at the stem and sipped carefully. Avoid placing drinks on tables or surfaces that may stain. Avoid drinking too much, or you may get drunk. If a request must be made of the staff, do it politely and carefully. Always thank your host and hostess before you leave, and bid farewell to other guests. It is also nice to return the favor of an invitation if you get a chance.

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