Saturday, March 23, 2013

Proper Gym Etiquette

Going to gym has become party of modern lifestyle. It is a way to get much-needed exercise after a whole day of sitting at work. So if you've been going to gym for some time now, you probably have a routine and some useful techniques. But your gym subscription carries more responsibility than just paying your dues every month. That's right; there are etiquette you need to observe to make the experience pleasant for everyone at the gym. Let's examine the important gym etiquette you should follow below:

Handling the Equipment

While you can exercise at home, most people prefer to go to gym. They want to take advantage of sophisticated equipment that will tone different parts of their body. Are you making use of these equipments properly?

• Don't hog the equipment - sharing is mandatory in a gym. Don't sit on certain machines for extended lengths of time if there are people waiting to take their turn. Just do your set, rest, repeat, and move on.

• Wipe the machine - you certainly won't like it if the gym machines are all covered with sweat from other people. You can be sure that others will be unhappy if you leave the equipment all sweaty as well! So wipe it with a disinfectant and towel provided by the gym after you're finished.

• Return the weights - whenever you use plates or dumbbells, put them back where they belong after usage. It would be very inconsiderate if other gym members have to waste their time in a scavenger hunt.

• Limit yourself - if the gym is busy, members are expected to spend 20 to 30 minutes on cardiovascular equipments. Try to keep within this limit so others can benefit from the equipment. If applicable, you need to register your name on the reservation list.

Proper Behavior

Aside from the proper use of equipment, gym members should also remember to observe good behavior. Like the workplace, classroom, or any public space, it is important to remember that people around you will be affected, even offended, by what you do or what you say.

• Don't pressure other members - if they are obviously using the equipment, stop asking if they're finished or when they will be finished. Wait for them to finish their set before talking.

• Minimize grunting - it is natural to emit some grunts when you're doing strenuous exercises but remember to keep it on a minimum. No one likes a guy who grunts for attention.

• Avoid offering advice - unless others ask for it, that is. You might have physical training experience but that hardly matter if no one wants it. Limit your advice for people who will obviously hurt themselves.

• Don't hit on girls - there may be a lot of hot girls around but they are at the gym to get fit, not to flirt. They can do that on any bar.

• Smell Good - perspiration causes body odor. If you've been going to gym for some time already, you most likely encountered a person who just stinks. Don't be the guy who "smells" at gym. Use deodorant.

As you can see, gym etiquette is pretty straightforward. It mostly involves minding your own business and being considerate of other members.

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