Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Business Cards: Why They Matter?

Following the information revolution and the unprecedented growth in communication and technology, there has been a radical change in business etiquette. For example, it is now the norm and not the exception to conduct important meetings via video conference. However, even as businesspersons all around the world embrace the technological gadgetry that is continuously evolving around them, one item remains unaffected: the unambiguous business cards. The importance of a proper business card can never be under-estimated because it puts your personal style in the spotlight.
At first glance, a business card is nothing more than a card with your contact information on it. However, like all fine things, the beauty of the card is in the details. Every aspect matters: the design, the print and the texture. These elements are what define it, and one that will not be forgotten by those who receive it. In business culture, a card symbolizes the start of a potentially wonderful business partnership and it is vital to ensure that the first impression is executed flawlessly.
The design of a business card is the central and most important element. What a design incorporates depends on the nature and style of the businessperson in question. Obviously, the text and imagery should be relevant to the featured product or service. Furthermore, a design should appeal strongly to all those who receive it. The key information would be your name and contact details and this should be easily accessible. If you are incorporating a logo, slogan or an image, then you must ensure that it compliments and does not obscure your contact details.
The print is by far the most delicate part. When printing you can incorporate colors, graphics, logos and special effects. The quality and style of the printing must represent your style. Using too much graphics or colors would not only make the business cards expensive to print but it will also discourage people from holding on to it for too long. However, the perfect printing combination could a result in something that will put you firmly in the minds of all your potential clients. As a rule, the best printing ideas are those that you find most comfortable.
The texture of a business card is the most subtle element of all. How a card feels may sometimes have a stronger impact on clients than the printing job itself. Therefore, try to choose a material that is comfortable to hold and easy to print on. It must be noted, that in certain circumstances, it is best to get a laminated or glossy finish for all your cards. A laminated finish will protect your card from the elements to a certain degree, and this will be very useful if your clients work outdoors most of the time. In contrast, if your clients mostly work indoors, then you could focus more elegance and style.
As noted above, business cards will remain as a very important feature of your career for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is vital that you present the very best quality business cards to all your potential clients. Business cards not mere calling cards; they are a representation of yourself and your business. Choosing the best design, print and texture is not optional but essential for successes. Business card can work their magic even after years of being first presented, therefore it is important that they retain their charm and eternally represent yours.

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