Saturday, March 2, 2013

Business Cards - 4 Things Never to Say When Handing Out a Business Card

Business cards can be one of the most effective ways to gain new business. Think of them as little billboards with your name on them. They help you make more sales, create more customers, and increase your business.

Have you ever thought about what you say when you hand someone a business card? The words that come out of your mouth set the tone of your meeting, and can leave a lasting impression.

4 things to never say:

1. Sorry it's so dirty. I must have spilled coffee on it this morning.

You should never give a prospect a card that is stained, dirty or dog-eared. Your business cards represent your business image. Keep them in a case, or an inside pocket where they will remain clean and fresh.

2. This is from my last job. My phone number's still the same, though.

Update your business cards, especially if you change companies or positions. If your company is paying for them anyway, why not have them print new ones? If you work for yourself, printing new business cards is an expense, but there are many services that print them at very modest fees. It's worth updating your business image.

3. This is the only one I have on me. My other cards must be in my suit at the cleaners.

A basic rule for networking events or visiting clients is to make sure you have your business cards available. Think about how much more impressive it is to hand out a card, rather than to write your contact information on a napkin or scrap of paper.

4. Don't worry about the stuff I wrote on the back. I don't need it.

Although in North America many people write on them, in many countries, writing on a business card is bad etiquette. People treat business cards as part of their persona.

You should never write on anyone's cards without asking their permission. Writing on your own cards isn't as bad, but don't hand out a business card where you wrote someone else's information on it, to another person. That's just bad taste, and can also reveal other people's information.

You should never have to apologize for a business card that's in poor condition. Instead, make sure they are always in good condition and up to date. You'll make a better impression, and people will be more likely to keep your card, and call you back.

You are invited to use these tips to increase your business success.

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