Friday, March 29, 2013

The Essential Guide to Start a Professional Home Based Business

One of the hardest obstacles we encounter when we perform our home base business is making it seem that we are not working in the business from home. Specifically, when customers call and in same room your kids are screaming aloud in the background, pets barking or timers going off for cooking and laundry, it does not look really professional in business. So how can we perform our home base business in a professional way?

Tip # 1 : Arrange etiquette rules in your family about your home based businesses.

It is important to separate time between your business and your family as well as to allocate time for both wisely. They are important and cannot be mixed up. When you are in your office doing home based businesses, then your kids should not be there especially during meeting with clients. Limit some spaces or areas for which can be entered during office hours and, which cannot.

Tip # 2: Setup a professional website with a purchased domain name.

It is a bad idea to have a free website that is hosted on other domain names with many advertisements everywhere from other companies that are filling out most of the spaces on the page. I suggest you to take money from your pocket right away to set up a professional website in order to look more professional. And believe me this will not spend a lot of money. Buy a domain name that is closely related to your business name and pay someone to create a website or have a trade with other business owners who specialized in web design if you are not specialized on creating a website.

Tip # 3: Create several numbers for one phone line with a distinguishing ring tone for each number.

You can have three or more numbers ringing to one phone line with of course classifiable rings. In order to avoid after-hours phone calls from customers, it is usually better to set up a separate phone line in your office. When you are not in the work, you can use a professional voice mail message and check it when you get back to the office.

Tip # 4: Display your business address smartly

There are two ways of displaying your business address if you do not want your clients assume that you work from home. They can be PO BOX or attaching a suite number to your address. You can have your home address shown anonymously through PO BOX, but you will not have the chance to have clients or visitors visiting your office. On the other side, if you are using a suite number as your business address, you must remind your postal carrier that you are running businesses home based so there will be no confusion to have a different address on there.

Tip # 5 : Pay for professional promotional media and marketing products

You would not want your business card printed from your own printer, especially if your printer is just a standard printer. The result must be not that good in quality. Therefore, it is essential to print out a business card as well as your other promotional products like brochures or even your business proposals with top of the line printer from a professional printing supplier.

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