Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Reasons to Use Etiquette in Your Business

There has never been a right time to leverage the power of etiquette in your business like in this world today where moral seems to have reduced drastically and credibility has become an essential quality that is so hard to find.

As a professional and an entrepreneur, to build credibility and to make your business and your persona stand out from the clutter of your competition, you should make sure that your manners and business etiquette are up to date in any circumstance be it online or offline.

While you may think people do not care, those who are genuinely interested in you are silently watching your every step and will judge you according to your ways.

Below are five reasons to be up to date with good manners and proper business etiquette in your business:

1. Build quality relationships: Just like the law of attraction makes us aware of, like attracts like. In the same manner, if you have good manners and proper etiquette you tend to attract people with good manners and proper etiquette too.

In as much as moral is very low in the world today, there are still a large number of people who still value good manners and are most glad to meet other like minded people.
For all you know that person you meet could be the gateway to your prospective clients or joint venture opportunity.

2. Create an indelible personal brand: Developing and creating a personal brand includes among others, the character that you want people to know you by, your personal style and your general way of doing things.
All these can be made exceptionally and positively unforgettable if you leverage proper etiquette both in your business and in your personal life.

As I stated earlier, exceptional characters are hard to come by these days so if you are able to take that step in your business, you set yourself above and get an edge over your competition.

3. Stimulate word-of-mouth buzz: As a professional and a business owner, I am sure you are very much aware of the power of word-of-mouth promotion.

It is totally free and with good manners and proper etiquette both personally and in your business, you will end up with more word-of-mouth buzz, more great relationships and more paying clients.
It just human nature, people can't help but to share good and exceptional news in the same way they share bad and terrible news.

4. Raise your visibility: By making etiquette a second nature both in your personal and business life, you draw people's attention to you and get them talking about your exceptional ways of doing things.

Through that and consistently showing up wherever you go online or offline helping people with the appropriate and relevant information, you gradually set yourself apart as a respected leader in your industry.
Consequently, you increase your visibility and credibility as an expert in your field.

5. Become an expert and authority figure: People respond to authority. Also in every profession there are expectations as to how people must behave.

For that reason if you decide to do things "your way" and do not show up as expected of you, to your potential clients, that simply means you are refusing to take your place as an expert and authority figure in your field.

The basis of etiquette is simply to show respect to yourself and to others and we do this in our everyday life.

Unfortunately we seem to overlook its power to boost our businesses. Leveraging etiquette in your business certainly will be a sure fire way to set your business apart from your competition and to boost profits.

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