Thursday, March 28, 2013

Twitter for Business - Twitter 101 for Small Business

Twitter Now Worth $4 Billion

Twitter's market value has reached 4 billion, according to SharesPost, a secondary market for buying and selling stock in privately held companies. Many business owners are wondering if they should tweet or not tweet. That is the question on a lot of small business owners minds.

Some entrepreneurs using Twitter for business have discovered that it is a powerful way to engage customers and build a community. For others, tweeting sucks up a lot of time and has not increased revenues. The fact is, most small business owners do not know how to utilize Twitter to grow revenues, engage clients, and grow their brand. Many entrepreneurs simply produce and promote spam, while others are online and engage too much. How do you find the balance?

Twitter Is a Social Tool

Think of Twitter as a place to 'chat' about business - It is a social tool. Twitter is a powerful tool to market and really engage with fans and customers. You can respond in real-time to your customers. However, if you don't answer questions people have and respond, it's a complete turn off.

That is why it is called a 'social media' tool and the key word to remember is 'social.' It is important to be social, share things going on in your life and at your company and see what people respond to and how they interact with your living, breathing, brand online.

Twitter followers respond to real live pictures of you not a stock logo. Twitter followers really want to know more about you and your company. They don't really want to hear your marketing pitch of how to make money, how to get six-pack abs, or how to win an iPad over and over.

Twitter allows you to direct message people who follow you and this is a great way to get people to do something that you want them to do such as go to your website, LIKE you on Facebook, or sign up for your ezine.

Be Authentic - Become An Expert

Try to use Twitter to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, be authentic, and deliver relevant valuable content that people are craving. Post tips, guidance, advice, and share content that will help your potential customers. Remember that people go online to solve a problem or find an answer and follow people who are opinion leaders. Strive for a balance of great content and some self promotion. Use this powerful tool to push out good information that people are seeking online. The rule is that 20-30% of your Tweets should be commercial

Twitter Etiquette

Twitter etiquette? Yes, there is proper etiquette and no Emily Post didn't write it but if she revised her book it would be listed right along with sending thank-you notes. Be relevant, listen, mind your brand, engage, give more than you get, and follow back.

Use the above tips to get started on Twitter for your small business, and you should soon be on your way to increased 'followers', and ultimately increased sales for your small business!

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