Friday, February 22, 2013

Twitter Gossiping - It's a Worldwide Stage, And Your Why Business Should Be On It!

Do you gossip? I bet you think you don't, so did I until I got caught out - then had to Google the definition of gossiping and the truth is we all do (well probably about 90% of us) to greater or lesser degree, some worse than others, and those that don't are either in line for a heavenly seat or mute!!

We all share that juicy morsel of information with our friends not maliciously and usually without a second thought never thinking that it could be passed on -I won't repeat it, honest- how many times has someone said it to you, and then you heard your own gossip repeated back to you?

Well gossip has now entered a new age with a bang - The Social Media Age!!

As the famous footballer story unfolded over the weekend never was it so clear who not to trust your secrets with - preferably not anyone who is on Twitter and has thousands of followers!!!

In the 24 hours following the court gagging order Twitter users flouted the order and posted approx 6000 tweets naming the footballer, there are now in excess of 30,000 tweets.

If anyone was in any doubt about the huge viral effect of Twitter, then doubt no more, even with Facebook videos, news has never spread this fast or so widely (It's not called the information superhighway for nothing)

But far from being bad news - for the rest of us it's a perfect platform to gossip about ourselves, our day, have I forgotten anything? oh yes OUR BUSINESS.

Reaching 1000's of potential customers used to mean pounding the streets, backpack full of fliers wondering which letterbox had the Rottweiler lurking behind. Now however you can save your bitten fingers and use use the power of Twitter, a timely tweet that captures the imagination of your audience and who knows whose timeline it could end up on?

We can't guarantee a following like a celebrity, your tax tips will end up in Tulsa, or your computing quips in Columbia but if your not using social media they are unlikely to end up anywhere at all.

But before you rush off to Twitterland we felt a few quick reminders of Twitter etiquette (and any other social media platform) was in order.
1. Think before you speak (or txt) once it's out there it's there forever and you can't take it back.
2. Remember who your audience is, sharing that you got drunk last night might make your friends laugh but not the client you are just about to visit!!
3. Use appropriate language - speak naturally as though you are talking to a friend - but in front of your mother!!

The above tips won't ensure success but they will stop you from offending anyone!!

Finally remember.......

Via social media the world really is your stage, and if your not on it then someone else will be stealing your limelight. If you're not sure how to "gossip" your business to success let Green Umbrella help.

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