Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Create an Indelible Personal Brand With Proper Etiquette In Your Business

In recent times, there is so much talk about creating a personal brand. Although it is a way to get yourself and your business known and noticed, how are you creating your brand so that it becomes indelible and is favorable to yourself and business?

Below are some easy ways to use proper etiquette to create a positively indelible personal brand in your business:

  1. Have a simple message: In all you do as a business owner and entrepreneur, you are always sending messages to people. It is therefore very important that you determine what you want to be known for in order to send the correct message across at all times in all that you do. It is also very important that you make sure the message you are sending enhances your personal and professional brand at all times.
  2. Know what to talk about: It is only good manners and etiquette to be careful about what topics you talk about in any conversations you have. Unless you know the person very well and you are comfortable talking about certain topics with the person, avoid all topics that relate to religion, politics, jokes, salary or income and disability. They really do not make you look good.
  3. Be a good listener: Being a good listener is not just a matter of sitting still and not saying anything. A good listener is one who makes sensible and meaningful contributions. As an entrepreneur, independent professional and an expert in your field, you want to enhance your personal brand by listening very well and making meaningful contributions that even enhances your image as an expert in your field. Do not hesitate to contribute your knowledge where it is needed to create an expert status, a professional image and a personal brand.
  4. Dress for success: We can all remember when we saw a person for the first time and created our own perception about the person. It may be that we rated them right, too high or even too low. Whatever the case may be, this is just human and people will keep judging us by what they see and not so much of what we tell them about ourselves. That is why it is very essential as a professional to dress appropriately for success wherever you go because you might never know who you will meet along the way to impress upon.
  5. Socialize properly: One of the most popular ways businesses are made is through socializing. These include networking, lunches, dinner parties and simple cocktails and meet ups. It is for these reasons that it is in the best interest of any independent professional and entrepreneur to improve their table manners, networking and dining etiquette among others. This helps you to concentrate on the business at hand and not be worried about which fork is the right one to use nor how to behave right at the event.

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