Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Need For Business Etiquette

Paramount to business is etiquette. You need to be professional to be perceived as such. The only way you can get people to trust you is to make a good impression, and one way to do that is to play the part of someone they can count on for business needs. Any mistake could lead to a downhill battle. And sometimes, it's the little things that people notice. If you want to partner up with a client or another business, prepare yourself and the people you work with. Let them know that you'll be up to game at all times. Here are just a few tips to follow if you want to succeed in the business world:

1. Always be prompt. If you agreed on a certain time to meet, schedule your day ahead so you can be there early, if not on time. It gives the people an impression that you are responsible, and therefore, they can trust you to cater to whatever it is they request.

2. Try to remember the names of people you meet. Don't forget the details about each person as well. People like knowing that you remember every detail. And if you have to write anything down so you can go through them at night, then do it. When you recall their names, favorites, and their positions, they will see you as someone organized. Aside from that, it's just plain offensive when you don't know who they are.

3. Keep communication from the outside at a minimum. Hearing your cellphones ring is nothing but annoying. As hard as it is to live without these, you can make do by putting them on silent for an hour. If you need to take care of something important, excuse yourself and do your business outside the room.

4. Live by the scout's statement: always be prepared. Before you go off to a meeting, you need to come up with ideas. If you're tackling a problem, come up with possible solutions. Research plays a big part here, and they appreciate knowing that you did your assignment way ahead of time.

5. Always look professional. Dress accordingly and try to adjust to the culture. This makes the people see you as someone flexible. If you're not really sure what to wear, conservative yet modern is safest way to go.

6. Remember your manners. Please and thank you are always appreciated. And always try to look at them directly. Courtesy will always be appreciated and will never go out of style. When it's your turn to speak, speak clearly and do it with confidence. If it's your turn to listen, let the other person talk and only address your questions in the end. Acknowledge them and always introduce yourself to new faces.

If you're careful about how you conduct yourself, your chances for success increase exponentially. Your goal is always to make a good impression, and to do that, you need to show people you respect them for what they do. In return, you will also get the same courtesy back.

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