Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Business Phones

Communication is an integral part of any business whether in-house or to customers and outsiders. Telephones are a vital link between a business and the outside world, as well as communication within the ranks of the business.

Telephones have been transformed by technological changes. This is the age of the mobile telephony and voice over internet protocol systems. Before buying a business phone system you must consider a few important points.

You need to plan for current compatibility, as well as future growth. You need to ensure compatibility with equipment you own or need like voice mail, messaging-on-hold or conferencing equipment. You have to weigh utility and cost of the phone system and arrive at a decision to purchase the best business system for you.

There are three kinds of phone systems to choose from: PBX, Key systems and KSU less phones. PBX (Private Branch exchange) system is useful for those businesses that employ more than 40 employees. For 5-40 employees Key systems are more popular. KSU less phones are popular for small business with less than 10 employees.

Business phones systems come with features like auto- attendant, conferencing, music on hold, dial by name, dial by extension, speaker phones, etc. Other innovations in business phones include automatic call forwarding that routes official business calls to wherever the employees are. Computer telephony has revolutionized business communications. It has a wide range of applications including one-click dialing for an outbound call.

Voip or voiceover internet protocol is the latest technology in Internet telephone integration. Using Voip, voice information is converted into digital packets and sent over the Internet. It is then converted back to analog signals before reaching the receiver. However, the technology is yet to be perfected.

Mobile phones or cellular phones have the capabilities of the conventional fixed line telephone, but it is almost entirely portable and not required to be connected to a telephone network. They are connected to the network through radio wave -transmission technology.

It has a host of features like e-mail, built-in-cameras, ring-tones, games, radio, infra red and blue tooth connectivity. Mobile phones are excellent business equipment to connect business to employees, customers and suppliers no matter where they are.

When choosing the best mobile phones for your company, it is best to match your requirements with the features offered by the dealers. You should not waste thousands of dollars on technology that you will not use like infra-red, WAP, GPRS, color Scheme, etc. Also, payment for mobile services maybe pre-paid or post-paid.

A telecom company Like Verizone offers a business solutions package that contains solutions like business continuity, call centre, convergence, enterprise networking, mobility, security and Storage.

Communication is vital to the success of an enterprise whether a multinational company or a shop around the corner. Finding the best that technology has to offer at the right price could make or break a business.

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