Monday, February 18, 2013

Travel Etiquette - Travel Tips for Women in Business

Traveling with a Team

A woman traveling on business faces unique problematic situations. One of them is traveling with a team. When traveling on business with co-workers, you should reserve a hotel room alone, if possible. You will want and need privacy to relax, enjoy private time, or to catch up on work or sleep.

Dealing with someone else's schedule and idiosyncracies can put a strain on both of you. What's more, if you snore or walk about the room in cold cream and rollers, you risk shattering the business image you have so carefully created.

Traveling Alone

  • When seated at a bar or eating alone, a woman should carry a portfolio case to signal that she is traveling on business. Carry a book to read instead of a newspaper, unless you know how to fold a newspaper properly into a small parcel so it isn't cumbersome to hold.
  • Don't bring clients to your hotel room. Arrange to meet them in the lobby, hire a conference room, or upgrade to a suite.
  • Respect the rights of other hotel guests, and don't use your room to host a party. Instead, celebrate an occasion with your co-workers in the hotel's cocktail lounge.

Private Homes

Avoid staying at the home of a client or a business associate. Your host might find it stressful to entertain during a business occasion. It might also be stressful for you to be always "on" throughout the visit. If you must stay in a home, arrange your own transportation. Let your host know when you expect to arrive and exactly how long you will be staying. Bring along a non-personal gift that complements the lifestyle of the host.

  • Be on time for meals and for any activities your host has pre-arranged. Provide your own appropriate clothing for activities. Entertain yourself if nothing is planned.
  • Ask about household rules and routines. Keep your room and the bathroom clean and tidy, even if there is household help. Unless otherwise instructed, make your bed each morning.
  • On the last day of your visit, ask if you should change the bed sheets and where to put your used towels.
  • Tip the household help unless your host instructions you other wise. About $10 per nigh is customary. Place the cash tip in an envelop that has the recipient's name on it, and include a thank-you note. Present the tip personally, or leave it in the room you occupied, where it can be seen.
  • Send a thank-you note to hour host within 24 hours after leaving the home, mentioning one or two special events the host has provided. Including a gift is a thoughtful gesture.

As a woman in business, you are representing yourself and your company as soon as you step out the door. Plan on maintaining your professionalism throughout your trip

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