Thursday, February 21, 2013

Find Out More About Dining Etiquette When You Are Hosting A Party

If you have planned to throw an stylish party for your beloved ones then there are lot of things to be considered, beginning from invitations, the guest list, the menu and even the music.

Don't make etiquette mistakes that can ruin your dream party, read on to get quick suggestions on what NOT to do in order to have a fantastic party.

Decide the kind and style of party you want - casual, formal, cocktail, theme, sit down dinner or buffet, catered or not.

Think about the logistics of the room and what you wish to achieve - something fun or a lot more intimate.

Send out the invite 3 weeks in advance. Ensure you supply all the details, time, location, theme and any other related information like directions and where to park.

Select the menu. Choose items that can be prepared beforehand and still create the effect you want.

Select the recipes. Make a list of things that you would need to prepare the recipes. Create a schedule of when you would prepare each item. Be sure to leave additional time for problems which would no doubt arise. Stick to the schedule and the selected menu. Prepare the food and enjoy the task.

A day or two ahead of the event:

1. Make sure you have emptied enough closet space in a closet nearby the entrance. Have enough hangers to accommodate all your guests' outer wear.
2. Select the music you'll like to hear at your soiree and have it ready to go so all you have to do is press start.
3. Do the major clean up or have a cleaning service do it.

Day of the event

1. Set the table earlier in the day
2. Put flower arrangements where desired.
3. Set up a beverage area if you do not have a bar.
4. Do touch up cleaning of any areas that have been used.
5. Ensure garbage's have been cleared.
6. Put out food items just before friends arrive.
7. Make sure dishwasher is empty so that later in the evening you can quickly put soiled tableware away.
8. Greet guests at the door.
9. Spend as much time as possible mingling with all your guests.
10. Recruit guests to help you when required.
11. Have fun.

Parties are a great means to relax with your buddies and bond with new individuals also. But these parties do require some etiquette and they need to be followed in order to make a good impression. Hope the above article has helped in knowing some of the best party etiquettes.

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