Thursday, February 21, 2013

Office Party Etiquette - How to Make Through Your Office Holiday Festivities

Do you have a holiday office party coming up and you're not quite sure how to act? Office parties tend to be awkward because they combine the business atmosphere of work and the social aspect of a party. It's hard to know which lines you could cross and which ones you shouldn't. Finding the happy medium isn't always easy, but with these great tips you should have no problem getting through the night.

  • Watch Your Alcohol Consumption: It's a holiday office party, and chances are there will be alcohol available. It's okay to have a few drinks, even get a little tipsy; it is, after all, a party. However, it's never a good idea to end up to drunk to remember the night. Being the "drunken guy in the corner" doesn't show much respect for your boss. The last gift you want for the holidays is a pink slip that you don't' remember getting.
  • Take Advantage of Opportunity: An office party is a great time to interact with co workers and senior staff members so take advantage of the opportunity at hand. This is an excellent place to show your strength as a person without having to discuss business. If you share common interests like golfing, fishing, or other hobbies, with your boss feel free to chat with them.
  • Don't Get Greedy: Even if you feel you're really impressing your boss with your witty conversation, don't monopolize them the entire party. It's important to mingle and share your boss with everyone. If your boss wants to speak to you more, rest assure that he or she will find you. Mingle with your other coworkers and you never know who you will meet.
  • Be Gracious: Be sure to thank your boss and whoever else was responsible for throwing the party. A lot of work goes into a Holiday party and it's important that you show how much you appreciate that. You don't need to go over board and make a big display of it; a "thank you" should be just fine.
  • Be There and Be on Time: Generally speaking, being fashionably late is a good thing for parties, however, for some reason this doesn't really include work parties. It's a good idea to come on time or only a few minutes late. This is especially important if a meal would be served. You definitely should be there by the time the first course (often a salad) is served and you should leave no earlier than after dessert.
  • Dress to Impress: Chances are you won't have to wear a suit and tie to your office gathering, but that doesn't mean you can wear anything you please. Leave the ripped jeans and the comfy sneakers at home. Opt for dress pants or dark denim paired with a nice button down top. Stick with casual dress shoes and you'll be ready to dance the night away.

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