Thursday, February 21, 2013

Networking Etiquette - Resemble

Successful networkers have an idea of how they want to advance and develop. They have created a vision and have a network in place to reach their objectives. They focus their attention on establishing the right influences and resources in their strategies or plans of attack. Many of these individuals reach out to mentors or leaders who can assist them in their journey for accomplishment.

This article is one in a series of four which spotlights the different methods of using etiquette for social and business connections.

Resemble A Person of Noble Character

Image, branding and recognition are key factors in the business and social worlds. Ethics and moral responsibilities are being integrated in common practices. These are important values systems which shape the purpose and relevance. It is also considered a subtle form of etiquette.

Before attending another event or scheduling a meeting, focus on the character or image that you would like to project. Make a list of character traits which you admire and would like to be known for within your network. Identify the benefits and values for having these traits. Find out how these traits can impact you to reaching your networking objectives. Prioritize the traits and weigh their importance to developing your sphere of influence.

There are several advantages for having a note worthy character. It improves they way you are viewed among your colleagues and counterparts. It adds to your credibility and encourages an automatic confidence or liking. It promotes a strong image in regards to professionalism and social status. These benefits are essential in networking.

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