Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Remodeling Etiquette

Your big remodeling project might be very exciting for you and your family but have you stopped to wonder how the neighbors are going to feel about it?

It is worth taking the time to follow a few of these "remodeling etiquette" tips to make sure that you remain on good terms:

* Let your neighbors in on your remodeling plans well ahead of the first day that the contractors arrive. Tell them when the remodeling work will begin, the approximate completion date and what remodeling work you are actually having done.

* Only have the remodelers working on your home during reasonable business hours. It may be tempting to let them start before nine, or work on a Saturday morning but the neighbors are likely to be less than thrilled to be woken by the sounds of sawing and hammering on the only day they can have a lie-in.

* If there are going to be large trucks parked in the street that may affect your neighbors' access to their homes or parking spaces discuss it with them ahead of time.

* Even though most good remodeling contractors will do their best not to scatter construction debris all over the place, keep an eye on the situation yourself as well. And if you do spot stray building materials that have found their way onto your neighbor's property, approach them and apologize right away - before they have time to get upset about it.

* Remove ugly dumpsters from your property as quickly as possible. If you have room left in your last dumpster, why not invite neighbors to dump anything they might have lurking in their garage that needs tossing, a gesture they are sure to appreciate.

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