Friday, February 22, 2013

Holiday Diamond Etiquette

Happy Holidays! In the diamond business October begins our Holiday season. We have 3 solid months of extra work, longer hours, and an increase in inventory. This means your retail jeweler will have more work which means it could take longer to get your custom diamond ring or diamond earrings finished.

During this time of the year it is a great time to purchase a pair of diamond studs for your loved one and it is the time of the year where more young couples get engaged on Christmas and New Years. If you are reading this right now you might be having those same thoughts crossing your mind. Congrats! This is a great time to purchase an engagement ring but here are a few tips to help you through this chaotic time.

  1. Most important part of the holiday shopping for diamonds of any sort is to start early! October and early November should be your starting point. Don't wait till Black Friday or the 15th or 20th of December. You would much rather have a larger selection to choose from and you don't want to rush your decision based on a time table of 3 days before Christmas.
  2. Know your budget and have the funds available. I understand it is important to propose during the holidays but be honest with yourself when you are shopping. If you do not find exactly what you want with your budget than take some extra time to save up a little more. What is very popular is to do a layaway program with your jeweler. Pay as much as you can up front and keep making payments until you finish paying for your diamond ring. This should be no more than 3 months of layaway time although I do know others who do 6 month layaway plans. Something to consider now if you would like to propose for Valentine's Day.
  3. Decide right away who will help you pick out the diamond ring. A big mistake I see being made constantly, you pick out the diamond, the ring, get it mounted, leave a deposit, and start making payments. You get excited and you want to get the approval of your mother, or her mother, or another friend or family member. After your 4 week process your family member comes in, looks at the ring and decides "She won't want this, she wants...." This will destroy your confidence in your choice and it wastes your time and your jeweler's time. If you will be getting the opinion of others, they should be with you from the beginning of the process so there are no bumps in the road at the end of the sale.

Take these suggestions and get moving. I hope you have an enjoyable experience and a great Holiday Season. This is my favorite time of the year and I love to see others happy and excited as they open a new chapter in their life.

Cheers to your Diamond Purchase,
Brian Plante

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