Thursday, February 28, 2013

Myspace Artists & Bands - Etiquette Tips

When you ask Myspace users to listen to your music, there are a few things to keep in mind...

Artists and bands on Myspace want to expose as many people to their music as possible. Clearly I am on Myspace to do the same and then some. I know that when artists send a message or comment asking me to listen to their music that I am not the only person that received the request and it's not necessarily because they are seeking my approval or opinion...they simply want to be heard and are hoping for a new fan.

Here's the thing with me and probably other Myspace users. I am open to a wide variety of music and genres but I am particular about what I let into my subconscious mind.

Just to give you an idea of where I am coming from here are two quotes that I take to heart:

Take control of your suggestive environment and only let in words, images, and ideas you desire.

Feed your mind with mental protein, not mental candy. Read, listen to and watch positive, upliftng material.

So basically what I am saying is IF your music is about:

Shaking your money maker, how much money you have, being in your entourage, how suicide is the only way out, how you're a 666 demon, or how much you hate your mom...etc...
I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. I'm not your target market (which you probably would've figured out by taking the time to read my profile). Thanks but NO THANKS! I respectfully decline...

But I will tell you how to find your audience.

My suggestion to all artist and bands on myspace is to do a thorough search for YOUR target demographic.

1. Use the browse and search features.

2. Use Google.

3. READ profiles

Lastly, here are two great morsels of wisdom to keep in mind:

The Law of Segmentation
Business success comes from identifying and targeting specific customer groups or market segments for your product or service.

Who exactly is your customer?

Where is he or she?

Why does he or she buy?

The Law of Market Concentration
"Market success comes from concentrating single-mindedly on those specific customers who can most benefit from the unique
competitive advantages of your product or service.
Identifying and focusing your efforts on this core group is the key to profitability."

This can be applied to your quest of gaining exposure on Myspace.
You have all the necessary tools at your finger tips to find your audience, use them.

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