Monday, February 11, 2013

Bed Etiquette -- What's Really Happening Under The Sheets?

You're possibly thinking, "Bed Etiquette, how could there be such a thing?"

But before you dismiss it as nonsense, do yourself a favour and take the time to read on. Actually, the idea came to me some years ago, but it has taken me until now to formulate my possibly questionable rationale into words.

Let's face it, there is etiquette for all sorts of things like travel or business etiquette, heavens, there is also now etiquette for sending an email, so why not the one place we reputedly spend a third of our lives in? After all, one third of a person's day is eight hours, which in anyone's language is rather a long time.

So that became the nucleus (so to speak) as to why I am suggesting that because etiquette has a place in our conscious society, why then should we differentiate between that and the unconscious?

It should be said, that bed etiquette probably has more to do with those sharing a bed with someone else, as opposed to somebody sleeping by themselves. Not that that should deter "singles" from brushing up on what to expect when their turn comes around.

By today's standards, lying in bed with someone is a pretty special affair. I imagine back in the cave dweller's day though, snuggling up to someone wearing a rancid animal fur smelling of animal dung would certainly have a decided effect on one's libido. Chances are, the rancid animal fur was the forerunner to the "Pill", who knows?

Regardless of what is or isn't going on under the sheets, the mere fact that you are sharing your very personal space with another human being should never be regarded in a blasé manner, as something that just happens night after night.

Indeed, sleeping with another person can produce all sorts of problems if left unchecked. Have you ever stopped and thought about issues such as, snoring, bed breath, sleep talking or even bed flatulence? Well these are just some of the common problems that face many of us who are lacking in our slumber social graces.

Bed etiquette, don't write it off as nonsense, there's definitely a place for it in today's so called 'political correct' society.

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