Saturday, January 5, 2013

SMS Etiquette - 5 Ways 2 Mind Ur Txting Manners

Everyone in the whole wide world is texting these days!

Even your Gran! (It's true, I've seen her! What a demon she is with those two thumbs of hers!;-) )

And whether you're sending SMS from your mobile or cellphone, or you're sending free SMS text messages from one of those rather convenient free text messaging sites, it's important to still mind your manners when you're doing so.

Yes, it's important you observe some basic SMS etiquette, as I like to call it, or some txting Ps and Qs.

So for your delight and delectation, I'd like to present to you 5 ways to mind ur txting manners. Don't laugh if some seem obvious (because you'll KNOW someone who doesn't 'get it', I'm sure) and do pause if some don't seem obvious (because chances are you may well be offending someone without even knowing it).

Okay, then, how to mind your txting Ps and Qs...

1) Check The Time!

D'oh, of course you check the time you send your texts, don't you! You send 'em when you're awake, and if you're awake then they're going to be awake.

Or are they?

I, myself, sent some txt messages whilst away on holiday (in Australia), and they arrived in the middle of the European night. Recipient not amused.

Now it's not everyday that you might send SMS text messages from Australia to Europe, but still, make sure you check the time, eh, just in case!

2) Be Discreet!

Yes, be discreet! If you happen to be travelling on a train, or you're in a quiet waiting room (or library), then think about how loud your frantic txting is sounding to others nearby.

Yes, this is annoying and you know it is! And all you have to do - because you *are* thoughtful, really - is to turn down the key tone volume as well as the ringtone or alert tone. (Ah, that's better!)

Then everyone can get on with their business in happy accord. Nice. (Oh and if you could turn down your bloomin' iPod that would be nice too! What a racket!;-) )

3) Don't Send Repeat Txts!

Don't send repeat txts!
Don't send repeat txts!

I said, just to make sure you got my message (because you might not have after all), don't send repeat txts!

The thing is, the person you sent your SMS text to a) might be busy b) might have a poor signal right now and be unable to reply or c) they might actually be ignoring you. In any of these cases...

Don't send repeat txts! (There's a dear.)

4) Tone Down The SMS Language

It just might be that your Gran, whilst a demon txter on that iPhone you bought her for Christmas, might not know what the heck you're talking about when you start using words like these...


Cos nt evry1 gets txt msg abrs, c!

I said, because not everyone understand SMS text message abbreviations, see!

Know your audience. And if in doubt, tone down the SMS jargon. (No one likes a show-off after all. Least of all your Gran!)


Now I really shouldn't have to tell you this, should I! No-one likes to receive obscenities on their cellphone! No-one likes to receive 'he-said she-said' insinuations. And no-one likes to receive these things anonymously!

So, please resist the temptation. Count to 10. And breathe deeply. (There, doesn't that feel much better!:-) )

But abuse could be a much more simple matter of sending all of your texts in UPPER CASE. Y'see words in upper case sound like SHOUTING. AND THERE'S NO NEED TO SHOUT is there (sorry!).

So - and I know I don't need to tell YOU this - but no sending abusive text messages. Please. Thank you.:-)


Now of course there are lots of other ways to observe SMS etiquette - like txting whilst your' re driving (NOT), or txting whilst speaking to your friend (NOT) - but these will do for now.

After all, I don't want to outstay my welcome with you, don't want to hog your time. Because, clearly, that would be rude and very poor form indeed. Oh yes!

So... happy txting! And stay SMS friendly! Byeeee.

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