Friday, January 11, 2013

Dining Etiquette for Entrepreneurs

"They don't teach etiquette much anymore, but if you ever have to choose between Incredibly Advanced Accounting for Overachievers and Remedial Knife and Fork, head for the silverware."

- Harvey Mackay

Dining Etiquette - Navigating the Table

Pace your napkin on your lap, with the fold towards your waist.

No elbows on the table.

Placing your hands and wrists on the table helps maintain correct posture.

Wait for everyone to be served before beginning any part of the meal.

Use utensils from the outside in. In formal setting, dessert utensils are usually placed above the setting or served with the dessert.

Avoid talking with food in your mouth

Take small bites and you will find it's easier to answer questions or join in the table talk.

Remember solids (food) are always on your left, and liquids (beverages) are on your right.

Carry food to your mouth in an inward, not outward curve of the fork or spoon.

Butter only one piece of bread at a time.

Don't spread your elbows across the table when cutting meat. Keep them close to your side when eating.

Butter served and use knife to push the square onto the bread and butter plate. Fold the wrapper and place on the edge of the bread and butter plate.

Water glasses are filled two thirds full. Wine glasses are filled one half full.

If you are on the receiving end of a toast, do not drink to yourself. Just nod and smile your appreciation at the end of the remarks. Host toast guest, take a sip and then sit down.

Look into not over your glass when taking a sip.

Wait until you have swallowed the food in your mouth before taking a sip of your beverage.

One glass of wine is acceptable at lunch.

Always pass to the right.

It is never appropriate to cut your roll with a knife.

When passing salt and pepper, pass them both and place them within reach of the person next to you.

There is a lot to be considered, just like anything else the more your practice the more confident you will become. We have all made mistakes (we are human) when mistakes are made don't call attention to them. The important thing to remember is to make those around your feel comfortable and valued.

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