Monday, January 28, 2013

Business Phones 101

101 business phones are cordless phones that offer portability and versatility when compare to corded business phones. With the latest technological innovations, 101 business phones have an improved sound and security system.

101 business cordless phones offer a variety of advanced features. A digital answering machine in which digital messages are stored in computer memory chips is one such feature. The time required for accessing the message depends on the size of the chip. A few other types of cordless business phones come with an answering machine. There are audio cassette tapes in these phones to record your greetings and incoming messages.

Some 101 cordless phones are equipped with built-in caller ID or call waiting caller ID. This feature helps to identify the name and phone number associated with an incoming call. The hold feature allows you to put the caller on hold. A majority of cordless phones have an LCD screen. It shows the numbers you dialed and the call waiting ID. Base keypad dialing is a key facility that allows you to dial the phone while it is still on the port.

The various types of business phones available include single line corded phones, miscellaneous novelty phones and phones for special needs. A single line coded phone has a unique high frequency volume control. This phone is ideal for business people with partial hearing. On this phone, the words spoken will be louder and clearer. The miscellaneous novelty phones enable users to call a person by pressing the photo receiver. To activate this facility, photos of the most frequently called business persons along with their telephone numbers must be installed. 101 business phones for special needs allow you to send an emergency voice message to pagers, cellular phones, offices or higher authorities. It is ideal for business assistance, protection and security of information and can be placed anywhere that requires immediate business emergency notification.

The single line Grandstream budge tone 101 is one of the most economical choices, with a street price considerably lower than most of the competition. In spite of its low price, the BT-101 is a full featured phone that can meet all business needs.

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