Sunday, January 27, 2013

Networking Etiquette - Respond

In order for a professional, entrepreneur or student to be proficient in networking, they need incorporate the proper tools for their agenda. Networking involves communication and development for success and achievement. Savvy individuals can develop an understanding, discernment and responsibility while interacting with others. This requires identifying common body language gestures and deciphering tones in the voices of others.

This article is one of four which reveals the proper ways of exchanging with others and building business and social rapport.

Respond Appropriately in Situations

Time and time again, it is often stately that actions speak louder than words. People follow behaviors more than they follow spoken words. Actions and gestures are highly weighted over words and intentions. While networking, individuals can learn how to act appropriately in formal and informal settings. It is highly recommended to take the time to asses their environment and the people who surround them. An individual's behavior needs to be a reflection of their status and level of influence with their career or group.

Much of these tactics rely on the individual being mature and exhibiting awareness. This results from being in similar situations often and attending events on a consistent basis. One solution to acting appropriately is being familiar with the social or business atmospheres. People should strive to be comfortable, adaptive and flexible while meeting and their counterparts. Being responsive during various circumstances can put others at ease and stimulate a willingness to connect. It also creates a structure and balance for fostering meaningful relationships which leads to introductions and referrals.

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