Friday, January 18, 2013

Meeting - Conference Etiquette

Meetings and conferences are a very important part in the daily life of a respectable businessman. Thus business etiquette during these meetings is a crucial feature and ability that you have to posses. I am going to give you a few tips right now on how to properly act during a business meeting or conference.

When you enter the room shake the hand of every single man and woman that is going to be attending the meeting. Your handshake needs to be firm and steady as to transmit confidence and strength.

Express what a true honour it is for you to be in the same room with all of them and that you are looking forward for a meeting that will yield profitable results and pleasant conversations.

Choose a seat at the table that will set you on the same level as everyone else. No one likes a cocky man or someone that acts like a boss all though he is not in that position. Unless you are management you will not seat at the head of the table. It is disrespectful and that is that.

Let every one talk and wait for your turn. A good mark of poor education is to interrupt someone abruptly while they are talking. If you have something relevant to add to the conversation wait for the one that is all ready talking to finish and then add your own idea. If the idea is crucial to the conversation and you feel the need to talk them simply apologise for interrupting or ask for permission then give out the idea after which you will give the word back to the first one talking.

ALWAYS SMILE while in a business meeting. You need to be serious and professional however at the same time you have to be pleasant.

Follow all these rules and you will be fine when attending a business meeting. Good luck!

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