Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lunch Etiquette

Whether you're a technician trying to repair a photocopier or an accountant going over sales figures with several sales representatives, the work day can take its toll on you physically and mentally. At some point you will need to refresh, reenergize, and refuel so that you can continue to be a productive employee. And, normally this is best accomplished during lunch. But, even though this is down time, many employees have returned from this break unable to unwind. Let's work together to have a enjoyable working environment all day long.

Don't hog the microwave oven

Depending on where you work, your lunch break may be anywhere from between thirty minutes to an hour. However, at times, you may notice that there are several people in line waiting to use this convenient piece of equipment. If you know that it will take more than ten minutes to cook your food, be considerate and ask your coworkers if they will be heating something that will require less time. And, allow them to go first. Not doing so is inconsiderate and may eat up their lunch break.

Don't discuss your coworkers' personal business

Unless they have given you permission to do so, refrain from divulging anything about your coworkers' personal business that they have told you in private. If you think the issue will or has been affecting their ability to do their job or get along with their coworkers, then and only then should you confide in your supervisor. Otherwise, you risk appearing to be untrustworthy. Furthermore, telling other employees what you know may cause them to look at your coworker in an unfavorable light. Also, other coworkers may continue to spread their business and put them in a situation in which they end up uncomfortable at work.

Don't confront your coworkers

Any matters that you have with your coworkers that are not work related should be discussed off the jobsite and after work hours. However, you still should be careful about how you approach them and what is said. You could say something you will regret or end up getting into a physical altercation. When you return to work, your supervisor can dismiss you for poor behavior if the behavior reflects poorly on the company.

Don't bring your boyfriend to lunch

A better idea may be to meet at another location instead. Many of your coworkers may be involved in bad relationships or they may not have a mate. They could become jealous and begin plotting to come in between your relationship. Rumors about the quality or the end of your relationship could run abound.

Don't bad mouth the company

Besides, leaking information that may be confidential, it is disrespectful. In the event that you have an issue that you have not been able to resolve with your superiors or coworker, consult with your employee handbook.

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