Thursday, January 17, 2013

E-Mail Marketing Etiquette - Here's 8 Simple Rules That I Created and Follow Myself

Just like most things in life, there are always rules of etiquette to deal with. E-Mail Marketing is no different. You should always do your best to follow these 8 simple rules that I do, so that you assure your e-mail marketing campaign will be both successful and profitable.

Like most rules of etiquette, they are not really carved in stone. But when you sit back and think about them, they really do make sense. Here are the 8 Simple Rules of Etiquette for E-Mail Marketing that I follow and they are a good set for you to start with.

Building Your List? Tell Subscribers what to expect: Let your subscribers know what to expect from your newsletter or marketing campaign. If you are only going to send them helpful information and links to other resources, tell them that. If you plan to include promotions and special offers, tell them that too. Let them know how often to expect your messages and make sure you don't disappoint them.

Do you Offer Downloads? Help Them Understand How to Do that: If your information is or Lead Generation Magnet is a downloadable file, tell them that before they sign up with you and be sure that you offer instruction on how to download it. Nothing could be more frustrating for a novice computer user than not being able to get what they came for.

Treat Your Subscribers Like People; Not a Number: Remember, you're looking at a computer screen. So is your prospect. But when writing your messages, never loose sight of the fact that on the receiving side of that message, you are dealing with a real person. Respect that and never, ever treat them as if they are just a number on your list.

Always follow the regulations of the CAN SPAM Act: The regulations are really not that difficult to comply with. You simply have to include a valid mailing address; Your subject line must reflect the content of the message; You must make it easy to Opt-Out; Never create deceptive or misleading messages; be sure that you honor all requests to opt-out within 10 business days. Following those steps mean you will easily comply.

Keep your Messages Short: Never ramble on. Keep your messages focused on one subject. Introduce the subject in the first paragraph and get to the point quickly after that.

Always Write as if You're Talking to One Person: Never write your messages to talk to a 'group' of people. Keep them as if you are writing to one person.

Don't Hammer Subscribers to Buy all the time: Nobody appreciates being 'sold' all the time. You can build a better relationship and prevent subscribers from unsubscribing if you don't try to just sell, sell, sell. Yes, creating sales is part of the reason you structure an e-mail marketing campaign, but you don't have to include an offer in every message. Use discretion.

Always Create a Call To Action: Probably the most important part of your message. You have to tell your subscribers what you want them to do. Guide them to follow your instruction and take the action that you want them to.

Following these 8 simple rules of E-Mail Marketing Etiquette will help you maintain your subscribers and gain the overall lifetime value of your customers. These rules really aren't difficult, but straying from then could cost you more than you may ever know. Good luck!

Live, Love and Profit from Your Passion; Otherwise it's just another job!

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