Friday, January 18, 2013

BBQ Etiquette and Perfect Barbeques Recipes

It's a beautiful summers evening with friends gathering around and the smell of a sizzling steak is enough to make your mouth water. Barbecuing has been a way of life for years across the world all over, there's celebrations daily where a favorite cut of meat is being grilled.

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An intriguing fact is that male visitors to a BBQ pay particular attention to the meat preparation and cooking methods of the host. Barbecuing is a ritual that has to be properly observed and there's rules which all men know and adhere too. The barbecuing of the meat is the real test of a guy's metal, if he does a poor job he will lose standing in his friends eyes. Barbecuing is a skill a guy has, and he gets respect from his friends for a job well done, it's very important!

Barbecue Etiquette

It's not writing or taught but male visitors to a barbecue have a full understanding of the boundaries they must never cross.

  1. Never comment on the condition of the grill if not to a standard that's acceptable. If the grill has an appearance of one that's been worshiped, or has an elaborate setup from the norm then praise may be given.
  2. Never comment on the condition, size or the lack of tools to do the job.
  3. Never discuss the cuts to be barbequed, you are the guest so eat what's put in front of you.
  4. Never share your ideas on flame settings, temperature settings must remain with the host.
  5. Never use the two comments that are totally forbidden: It's cooked - It's not cooked enough. These comments can pollute the atmosphere and possibly make the host feel dejected.
  6. Never share your dissatisfaction if the meat is not cooked to your liking. If asked how's your meat always respond with perfect.

Men think their all experts and know how to deliver the perfect steak, never confront the host by questioning his skill at the grill.

Barbeques Recipes for a Perfect Grill

The difference between a good experience and a bad one at a barbecue is the food. A good cook will be the center piece of any barbecue and is generally discussed while sitting at the table. You don't want to be the host where food is left on the plate and guest are finishing off the starters. One vital secret for a great grill is meat selection. An example is beef should have a deep red color, not pink or bright crimson. The beef should be shinny and look a little dry, you don't want meat that's wet or sweating and sticky to touch. When you press your thumb into the meat the dent should remain for some time then bounce back.

Marbling will add to the tenderness of the meat a small rind of fat to add flavor. Marinades and Rub's are another weapon a "Top Shelf Griller" needs to have in his arsenal. Marinades will add flavor, moisture and more importantly tenderize the meat. It's also documented that marinades can reduce cancer causing carcinogens by 88%, this substance forms on meats cooked at high temperatures. As discussed above tried and proven recipes separate men from the boys when it comes to grilling.

Don't be fooled but some of the recipes you may find on the net, anyone can write a recipe in 5min that may or may not work. Meat is expensive so the last thing you want to do is ruin it by trying an unproven recipe. Find recipes that are supported with evidence on how successful they are, you can't go wrong.

Recipes that produce succulent and tasty cuts of meat will have your friends and family coming back for more. Do your homework so at your next BBQ you will receive the admiration a "Top Shelf Griller" demands.

The Last Vital Ingredient "The Wife" - Lets face it, if it wasn't for the wife the barbecue would be a complete disaster. You must always acknowledge the wifes effort as the "Vital Ingredient" is what makes a good Barbecue great.

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