Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Announcement Etiquette - Etiquette For Wedding Invitation

Weddings are full of unexpected challenges. The quaint little chapel you have your eye on may not accommodate your large number of guests. If you are having a destination wedding, the wedding site could be too expensive or too far for some loved ones to attend. Do you invite these individuals anyway but lower your expectations. Not at all. What you do is send a wedding announcement.

So what is a wedding announcement and what is the appropriate wedding announcement etiquette? This is what this article will teach you.

A wedding announcement is mailed the day of or a couple of days after the wedding. This is to be certain that the one receiving the mailing does not believe it is an invitation to your wedding. The wording of the announcement should prevent this error as well. Typically, wedding announcements are sent to family and friends that were not invited to the ceremony for whatever reason. Wedding announcements can be sent to business associates as well. Your business associates may need to be notified of an address or name change. Individuals who are your friends but not close enough to you to receive an invitation to your wedding should be sent an announcement. If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to invite everyone you want to the wedding then there is no need to send wedding announcements.

Who announces it if you do want to send out wedding announcements? Wedding etiquette says there are two ways to do this. If the wedding is hosted by parents of the bride or groom it is most appropriate that they should do the announcing. Even so, it is acceptable if the couple makes the announcements. If you and you mate eloped, this is the case.

If you and your mate eloped, the wedding announcements may include a post wedding reception. However, by sending a wedding announcement, be sure that it is not portrayed as begging for a gift. The announcement in these cases should only be informative.

The announcement wording should be in the past tense and it should be clear that the wedding has previously taken place. Similar to invitations, the announcement should state when and where the wedding took place. You may want to include a new address card as well.

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