Friday, April 26, 2013

Business Phone Systems Etiquette - 6 Things to Do and 7 Things Not to Do When on the Call

Here are 6 Things To Do and 7 Things Not To Do when talking on the business phone system.

1. Always keep your guard up, not down whenever you answer the office telephone -- even if you are under a great deal of stress or in a hurry. Always take a deep breath, stay calm and use good manners. Good manners are good for business. In fact, you can get results much faster if you remember that.

2. Do treat a call with someone like an actual meeting in person (consider the call having a purpose and having an agenda).

3. Decide before you place the call what you will do if someone else besides the person you are calling would happen to answer the phone. Think if you would want to leave the person a message, go to their answering machine, leave them a voicemail, or call them back later.

4. Be punctual for a call that is scheduled.

5. Learn the names of the individuals who usually answer the phones. Keep track of the phone numbers of people you call frequently.

6. Speak pleasantly to the person on the other end of the phone.

7 Things You Should Not To Do

1. Don't ever type while talking on the phone, shuffle any papers, or talk to others at the same time. It only begins to suggest that you are not listening to them talk and that you feel other things are more important to you than they are.

2. Don't put the phone down real hard. If you must put the phone down, ease it down very gently.

3. Don't chew gum, food, candy or cough drops while talking on the phone.

4. Don't sneeze or cough, into the receiver. Instead, if you must sneeze or cough, turn your head and cover your mouth - as well as the receiver.

5. Don't bury the receiver into your shoulder or neck. Speak directly into it.

6. Don't just hang up if you happen to dial the wrong number. That would be rude. Explain yourself, verify the phone number so that you do not repeat the call.

7. Don't play the radio, TV or even work on the computer since it makes noise too with it's bings and bleeps. It can all be so distracting over the phone.

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