Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cubicle Etiquette For Offices

Office cubicles can breed contempt rather than teamwork. Being respectful and considerate of co-workers can resolve many of the issues that result in conflict in the office.

Guidelines For Cubicle Etiquette:

Respect the boundaries of a cubicle. Imagine it having a door. When entering knock on the side wall and wait to be invited in. Don't barge into the cubicle and interrupt the other person.

Refrain from being the office Prairie Dog. Don't stick your head over the cubicle and call to others in the office. If you have to speak to someone else in the office either call them on the phone or walk over and talk to them.

Don't loiter outside of someone's cubicle if they're on the phone. Come back later.

Avoid helping yourself to anything in another person's cubicle. This includes the stapler, candy, etc.

Odor knows no boundaries. Refrain from eating at your desk. Eat in the lunchroom. Keep cologne and aftershave to a minimum. Nails should not be painted at work. Practice good hygiene and keep shoes on just in case your feet smell.

Sound travels. Use an indoor voice in the office. Loud conversation and laughter can be distracting for others who are trying to work.

Answer your phone after 2 rings. Never use speaker phone. Turn your cell phone on vibrate. If you like to listen to music use a headset.

Don't make distracting noises such as gum popping, throat clearing, crunching on food, or talking to yourself.

Personal calls should be made outside of the office.

Mind your own business. Don't eavesdrop. If you hear a conversation don't repeat it. Never answer questions you overhear from other cubicles.

Keep the decor of your cubicle professional and tasteful. Avoid items that can be offensive to others. Your prized possessions can be an eyesore to others.

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