Friday, April 12, 2013

Business Etiquette Fuels Relationships

In today's increasingly culturally diverse home business environment saying or doing "the wrong thing" are even greater than ever before. During times today it is historical that four generations who lived through World War II, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y are together. Each generation has its own style of communication which differs considerably and can cause a multitude of chaos and confusion. Business etiquette principles on all levels must be master as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to avoid the serious ramifications of inappropriate behavior, bad judgment and insensitivity to others.
Experience and intelligence are no longer enough when it comes to succeeding in a home based business. The years you have spent refining your business skills must now be enhanced by the use of business etiquette. Business etiquette fuels relationships and prevents lost opportunities by helping you to adopt the social strategies, professional polish and confidence. It is necessary to understand and respect others when you are trying to build a relationship with them. Business etiquette is the act of helping you when developing a bond between clients and colleagues. Manners will also help to give you the competitive edge.
Have you ever forgotten a person's name after being introduced? Have you ever forwarded an e-mail to the wrong person by mistake and not realized it? These could possibly damage your reputation and effectiveness as a business owner and can reflect unfavorably on your company. Listed below are three courtesies to remember when on a speakerphone:

  1. Tell the person on the other end that they are on a speakerphone.
  2. Identify each person who may be in the room.
  3. Remember to tell them why they are present during the conversation.

Also listed below are three tips when leaving a voice mail message:

  1. Remember to pause between your first and last name when leaving a message.
  2. Be sure to spell difficult names slowly.
  3. Leaving your phone number at the beginning and end of your message.

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