Monday, April 8, 2013

Autoresponders, Email Etiquette and List Serve Participation

If you participate on a list serve for your industry or academic efforts you may wish to consider using your secondary email address if you have an auto responder, which alerts the other party that you are out of the office. Nothing can be more aggravating to other list serve users than to get five replies that; So-in-so is out of the office until Monday.

Some of the worst culprits of this are the professional parasites in our society, civilization and business world. Lawyers, accountants, government workers and such; why do they do it if they know that it upsets everyone? Well, it is simple, they could careless about anyone but themselves.

Lawyers are the worst and most self-serving when it comes to auto-responders on list serves. It seems every weekend or 3-day weekend this silly auto responder shows up and tells us all that they are out of the office? How disrespectful to the group. Little do they know they end up looking like horse's rear-ends.

It makes sense if you have an auto-responder for your profession then use a different email address when signing up for list serves and have a little respect for others and prevent yourself from looking like such a moron and scumbag. Consider all this in 2006.

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