Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Strategic Business Tips On How To Achieve Civility In Today's Workplace

Today's workplace is very dynamic, sometimes very stressful, and too often not very civil. We certainly observe the lack of civility in the workplace with people calling each other names, engaging in personal attacks on each other, exhibiting rude and disruptive behaviors and the lack of respect for one another or ignorance of how behaviors affect others. I believe there is a real desire for the restoration of civility in the workplace.

Your strategic thinking business coach offers some tips on how to achieve civility in today's workplace.

+ Always respect the value of everyone's time by showing up for meetings prepared and on time.

+ Keep your cell phone turned off or in silent or vibrate mode whenever possible.

+ Use an appropriate volume of speaking when talking in the office, at meetings or on your cell phone.

+ Greet everyone with "hello" and a smile.

+ Avoid multi-tasking when you are talking on the phone or on a conference call.

+ Pay attention in meetings and do not constantly check your personal electronic devices for emails, test messages, etc.

+ Respect someone's request for a "quiet zone" or "do not disturb" time.

+ Say please, thank you and/or I am sorry.

+ Communicate in a professional and courteous manner in all forms and at all times

+ Respect all people, policies, rules and regulations.

+ Take responsibility for one's choices and actions.

+ Accept consequences of one's inappropriate choices and actions.

+ Demonstrate acceptable etiquette and manners.

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