Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 Tips to Remember When You Work in a Family Business

Your success is directly related to your contacts, relationships and ability to communicate effectively. The measure of your achievements, and disappointments are directly related to your relationships.

o Are you the kind of person you would want to work for?
o How do your relationships affect your business?
o How does your business affect your relationships?

As an experienced family business coach I can attest to the fact that business 'and relationships are strongly connected. Without healthy boundaries in a family business, your relationships will suffer. I suggest to clients that there must be a time to work and a time to be a family.

A family business coach can help you develop a plan that will be custom tailored for your unique situation. Good communication, comfortable working conditions and respect for one another is a winning threesome for any business. Mixing family and business can lead to disaster without boundaries.

1. Communication, Communication, Communication
2. Be respectful of one another and refrain from a shouting match
3. Create guidelines for the business meetings and remember there is no excuse for lack of business etiquette.
4. Set clear boundaries between family time and business time.
5. Roles need to be clearly defined.

When someone first walks into your office they immediately pick up on the positive or negative energy. You want the positive energy flowing, comfortable for the employees, clients and business associates. It is always helpful in a business to be cognizant of your workers needs. (i.e. child care, doctor appointments, family issues) This is no different in a family owned business as it is in a corporation.

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