Friday, May 24, 2013

Business Cards - Symbol of Good Business Etiquette

There is nothing more personal than a card-in-hand! A business card is unique way of exchanging contact information and is usually used during sales calls and offer contact information to a potential customer. They are swapped during formal introductions and act as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card usually has the name of the person, company along with the logo, contact information, address and URL of the website. Business cards have traveled a long way from simple black text on white stock to a professionally designed one that features captivating visual design. For businessmen across the world they have become a sign of prestige and stand as a symbol of good business etiquette.

In the age of globalization they have almost become a necessity. Imagine yourself sitting with 10-15 people. It's not easy to remember the names of all the persons present at the gathering, you need a card to serve the purpose.

A recent trade research reveals that the business card printing in the US is a $1.2 billion industry and with the advent of advanced technology the function of business cards is increasing. Yes that's right, nowadays people are anxious to make a distinction with passionately vibrant and multi-textured formats, from plastics to linens. Some sophisticated business cards even carry computer chips which enable you to plug it into your PC and download catalogs or company information.

Yesterday I met one of my friend who offered me his business card. It was a double sided business card with facts about himself, name of the company and website. The card was unique as when it was turned to an angle it shows a sequence of images of a man in camouflage climbing on a boulder. He told me that everyone looks at it and hands it back to me. When I tell them I'm giving it to them, they say, really! Oh wow, can I keep this?

You must be thinking what you have to do with all this? There is a relation. Business cards are a form of advertising. No matter what you are selling, product or yourself, uniquely designed business with amazing visuals or appealing images can enhance your business prospect by leaps and bounds. A unique card will cost you a little extra but the reaction you will be getting is priceless.

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