Monday, May 6, 2013

Signed Sealed Delivered - Business Etiquette Letters

Professionals and entrepreneurs are constantly staying up-to-date with news, technology, trends and marketing. Being well informed and knowledgeable helps retain customer loyalty and attract new customers. Although business is always evolving, there are a few business practices that will remain tried and true. In regards to customer service or appreciation, sending hand written cards or correspondences is a great and inexpensive way to please customers and build the image of your organization or company.

Listed below are tips that professionals and entrepreneurs alike can use to impress their customers for future and on-going business success:

#1 Create a Lasting Impression

Sending a handwritten note of appreciation is almost a lost art in this day of emails and e-cards and other advanced technologies. Your client would probably be surprised and flattered at the time spent, writing and sending a personal note. The note should be on plain stationary and include your business card. The note should not be a solicitation or sale for products or services, it is simply a courtesy note.

#2 Show Professionalism

Be courteous and polite in your correspondence. When writing the business letter, always show professionalism and use the correct grammar. It would defeat the purpose of the letter to misspell your customer's name or company. Therefore, please make certain that all words are spelled properly. Practice writing the letter or writing a draft to avoid common mistakes. When writing the letter, use complete and accurate sentences. Also, write in the date on the letter and use the appropriate salutation or greeting and end with your signature.

#3 Be Sincere

In the letter, let your customer know how much you value their loyalty to your company or organization. Impress upon them, the importance of their business and support to your company and its success. Insist on helping them and being a resource for information or problem solving dilemmas. Extend yourself by leaving your contact information so that you are available or accessible for further assistance. Express to the customer confidence in you and your company.

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