Monday, April 15, 2013

Effective Business Card Design For Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors have a certain image that they need to portray, and that really comes across in the business cards that they hand out. Financial advisors need to show their conservativeness, formality, and stability, along with the reputation of the company they represent.

The business card design is so important in this field because you are dealing with money, and people are very concerned about where their money will go and what kind of profit they can make with it. This is a huge business, and there are thousand of financial advisors to choose from, so the first impression can be a huge factor in whether they choose you. The design should be both bold, and traditional. You want to show them that you can invest their money wisely while taking a little risk to ensure more profit. There shouldn't be any bright colors or pictures, just confident lettering and possibly a small clip art design. A financial advisor wants his or her business card to say they do the job with self-belief and reliability.

If you do have a picture, it should be of the company logo. The brand name of the company is what many people look for when choosing a financial advisor. The larger the company the more trust consumers tend to have. Color business cards are the way to show off your style and innovation without deterring from your position of investing their money. The colors should be strong but not bright. A deep blue, or forest green shows status and importance without seeming arrogant or trendy. When investing money consumers aren't looking for new trends over the long run, they are looking for permanence.

When putting information on your business card design take into account what type of financial advising you offer, and whom you are giving the card to. For the most part financial advisors are looking for more people to invest with them. Include the words of the company logo, and the company name and address. Don't put information that you don't need. Although it should be full, you don't want the business card to be overwhelming. Fonts are also important on a financial advisors' business card. Again, they should show reserve in your business, but they should portray the type of investing that you do.

More important in the financial world then even the business card design, is the way you hand out your business card. In this day and age people tend to give out business cards like a deck of cards, by flipping them across tables. The correct etiquette is to hand them out before business meetings. Hand the person the card with the readable side up, with a thumb on the upper corner so that they can immediately read the card. When receiving the card, have the respect to read it in front of them, so that not only can you see what it says, but also you can put the card with the face. This may be your only chance to earn their business, so make your business card count.

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